Trackmania United Forever Star Edition



The well-known racing game, with more features than ever


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Trackmania United Forever is the latest release for PC of one of the most successful racing sagas.

There are many reasons why people like Trackmania, including those seven kinds of vehicles, more than 400 different and stunning circuits, the track creator, online championships, etc Yes, it's amazing, those loopings and jumps are great and the driving experience at top speed is perfect.

You only need 4 buttons to play Trackmania, acelerate, brake and directions, the rest is not necessary, although gives you a bit more of passion when you chat with the rest of challengers.

Graphics in Trackmania United Forever Star Edition are also amazing, better than any other previous Trackmania.

If you like racing games you must try Trackmania United Forever Star Edition. If you have played Trackmania before, you need to play this new version, you know it will be amazing.

Demo version includes 2 tracks and one kind of car.

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